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and AgoraLink::IPRanges


ChaosVPN/AgoraLink IP Ranges

We need to have non colliding ip ranges and therefore we need some coordination of the used ip ranges.

First of all we would like to be compilant to the used ip ranges of freifunk and dn42.

The IP ranges overall are defined in the freifunk wiki ip-net page as root source.

So we use for the europeans and for the americans. That should leave enough space for everone untill ipv6 is not the future but the present. (Real IPv6 ranges already in use can also be announced on the VPN, but there are no thoughts about private/internal adressing yet.)

However we will not support ip ranges as they are used for various other reasons. This rfc1918 ip range will stay as private to use for internal use (and in fact its used in the dn42 for routing uses.)

Question: reverse DNS?
"yes" ;) - but we don't know how to implement them for the VPN yet, delegating it with forward zones in local nameservers does not sound very good to me. --Haegar 00:40, 29 October 2009 (UTC)

Question: Are other ChaosVPN ranges which were already allocated on the Freifunk Wiki also supported (i.e. & --Dennis 23:32, 10 November 2009 (UTC)

Procedure: Add your subnet below and drop User:Haegar a message with the infos specified at DebianHowto#6._Mail_haegar.40ccc.de_the_info so he can add you to the official listing.

IP Ranges Europe

IP-subnets Unique Name Node Remarks VPN IP for test pings muccc muccc muccc has its own "real" ip range. They will be routed over chaosvpn as jabber.ccc.de / Tempentry dn42 dn42 dn42 equinox hackint irc server jomat jomat_dn42 helios dn42 tld primary dns server europe range europe range europe range *reserved* single hosts This range may be used for Single-IP-VPN nodes like servers which would participate directly but do not need a subnet. aurora haegar laptop free shell shell Laptop lassulusmob lassulusmob mobile with laptop cvpn_dns cvpn_dns dns strunk lego haegar_fon test fonera crest_eeepc fbsd porting no_maam erik desc_kiel ork machine in kiel mwa2048 mwa2048 Laptop. Not allways on GIC User:GIC GICs testnode redhood_dsl red_hood's test node connected via dsl, expect downtimes during reconnect helios notebook (vaire) Laptop. Not always on hc_salato hc's server at salato's baales the baales wargame at tu darmstadt milliways milliways - the restaurant at the end of the universe fairydust fairydust - monitoring service stoertebeker the pirate who ruled the baltic and northern sea for a while free chaostal chaostal.de physical server in openit datacenter seetiger seetiger dc xen dom-u thor thor.ngls.eu enyo enyo.zakx.de hackint ircd kahnode muhbox.dyndns.org Netbook, not always on trainspace-server fxkr Notebook poniatowski User:Saper *reserved* subnets This range may be used for small users which do not want/need a whole /24 - allocate only /29 and /28 from here. vpnhub1 vpnhub1.hamburg.ccc.de vpn gateway to dn42 crest dn42 crestdn42.ath.cx dn42 dns and other services deepthought deepthought.ramdrive.org also announces the public ips over vpn jcd http://web.jabber.ccc.de/ also announces jcd's public ips over vpn desc_* multi-node IP net for addressing desc_* nodes
your subnet your unique name your url / description your remarks vpn ip for ping tests ccchh CCC Hamburg does not use turing CCC Hamburg partial overlap with ccchh, this is ok haegar_tokamak haegar home *planned* CCC Hamburg Chaos Computer Club Hansestadt Hamburg Second Range brmlab Brmlab Brmlab, hackerspace Prague haegar_vlad haegar hosted servers / vm *reserved* *reserved* *reserved* *planned* London Hackspace http://london.hackspace.org.uk *planned* Leeds Hackspace http://leeds.hackspace.org.uk miefda miefda miefda home *requested* freitagsrunde http://freitagsrunde.org r3vv7 r3vv7's home/test range HackBBS hackbbs.org http://vpn.hackbbs.org *reserved* *reserved* *reserved*
your subnet your unique name your url / description your remarks vpn ip for ping tests syn2cat HackerSpace https://www.hackerspace.lu danrl ccch CCC Hannover Chaos Computer Club Hannover c3pb Chaostreff Paderborn (C3PB e.V.) in preparation trollhoehle CDA noc@chaos-darmstadt.de Chaos Darmstadt (Trollhöhle) cda_public User:HC hc HC at home hc_md HC, also at home, however at a different physical location datensumpf http://www.datensumpf.de datensumpf mc.flys subnet at home pesco User:Pesco pesco's home/test range ryd User:Jensm jens's home/test range nfoonfnet User:Nfoonf nfoonf's home/test range atari User:Atari wasteland guus http://tinc-vpn.org/ tinc development guus_se http://tinc-vpn.org/ tinc development trainspace trainspace t42home http://T42.de poniatowski User:Saper lotho User:Lotho lotho at home *Reserved* Anycast Anycast services DNS-Anycast Supplied from nodes: cvpn_dns, guus
your subnet your unique name your url / description your remarks vpn ip for ping tests

IP Ranges US

IP-subnets Unique Name Node Remarks VPN IP for test pings us hackerspaces range us hackerspaces range us hackerspaces range us hackerspaces range SilverElitez billy.silverelitez.org Tampa Bay Supernet psone http://pumpingstationone.org/ ccckc http://cowtowncomputercongress.org/ Currently running with zero hosts active other than router. noisebridge https://www.noisebridge.net f001ab http://foulab.org works HacDC https://www.hacdc.org Not currently online ReverseSpace http://www.reversespace.com Not currently online royksopp 0x1.net Testing for OpenWrt packages, see http://0x1.net/openwrt for binaries sig315 https://sig315.org Syracuse Innovators Guild in planning phase atxhspace ATX Hackerspace 1601 Rutherford Lane A200, Austin, TX 78754. Contact ethosrot. (Router) colab CoLaboratory Seattle-based, future home of shared rainbow table service. Contact awgh. works nullspace Null Space Labs 3rd Floor, 1015 S Main St Los Angeles, CA 90015. Contact Vyrus. works interlock Interlock Rochester Interlock Rochester - Upstate New York hackerspace 1115 E. Main St. Rochester, NY 14609 hsc Hackerspace Charlotte 430 E 36th St, Charlotte NC. Contact Red. nycrdev ResistorNET Information NYC Resistor Hackerspace in Brooklyn NY (fonera router) , ( buglabs bug ) openfly openfly openfly dev fon (fonera router) lucette HHH network diagram former site og HHH: 114 Forrest St Apt 3A / Brooklyn NYC nesit http://www.nesit.net Meriden CT (203) road warriors
and single IP hosts like servers
this netblock is for road warriors and other hosts using only single IP or small subnets its - charmander tcrowns bus - his mobile network. roadwarrior eric phobos Testing laptop - Not always online. Contact ethosrot. Roadwarrior Ethosrot (testing) atxhs ATX Hackerspace Datacenter-based chaosvpn node. Contact ethosrot. rhea Production laptop - Not always online. Contact ethosrot. Roadwarrior Ethosrot (stable) j smallnet to test out configurations for reversespace not currently stable
your subnet your unique name your url / description your remarks vpn ip for ping tests

IP Ranges Warzone (not in active use yet)

IP-subnets Unique Name Node Remarks VPN IP for test pings warzone warzone vpn range
your subnet your unique name your url / description your remarks vpn ip for ping tests


ChaosVPN/AgoraLink IP Participants

ccchh - Hamburg

T42 - Hamburg

nycresistor - New York

noisebridge - San Francisco

PS:one - Chicago

Hive76 - Philadelphia

Interlock - Rochester

Laboratoires Foulab - Montreal

ccc hannover

  • (in chaosvpn 1.0)
  • connector: User:Lotho ( lotho [at] hannover.ccc.de )
  • url: http://hannover.ccc.de
  • subnet: - renumbering needed due to collision with Freifunk Brandenburg.



HacDC - Washington, DC, USA

Brmlab - Prague, Czech republic

c3pb - Paderborn, NRW, Germany

what about:

ccc berlin

  • (in chaosvpn 1.0)

ccc cologne

  • (in chaosvpn 1.0)