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This is Howto for setting up an independent Box providing you with ChaosVPN

- Buy (or some equivalent Router)

- Open your Router and power on - Connect wired or wireless (use information provided with your router) - Go directly to your routers Webinterface (one of or and search for sth like "System -> Firmware Upgrade" (There is no need to change any of the configuration)

- Download current WRT version If you are using the Hardware above:

- Upload the Image in your Webinterface - Press Start - DO NOT REBOOT, POWEROFF OR ELSE - Wait until done (Power LED should not flash)

- Reconnect to your Router - Console: telnet, set a root password passwd and REMEMBER IT - Go to Webinterface at - Connect the yellow port on your router to current infrastructure - Go to "Network -> Interfaces" and activate WAN Connection with DHCP (assuming DHCP is available; you may configure DSL if you are connecting a modem) - Navigate to "System -> Software" and press "Update Lists" - Press "Available Software" Tab and select "C" - Search for ChaosVPN and press "install"

( - I did also install "screen" at this point)

- ssh root@ (telnet won't work anymore) - edit the top part of file /etc/tinc/chaosvpn.conf to fit your needs

$my_peerid = <nodename> $my_vpn_ip = 172.31.<your Subnet>.[1-255]

- generate your keys and send pubkey to openvpn team (fast response time) see [Howto] tincd -n chaos --generate-keys=2048

- start chaosvpn /etc/ start prepared for 150 new route entries