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=== Polipo HTTP Proxy ===
=== Polipo HTTP Proxy ===
Accessible via [[ChaosVPN::IPRanges#IP_Ranges_Europe|]]
Accessible via [[ChaosVPN::IPRanges#IP_Ranges_Europe|]] aka tor-proxy.hamburg.ccc.de:8123
=== Tor Socks5 Proxy ===
=== Tor Socks5 Proxy ===
Accessible via [[ChaosVPN::IPRanges#IP_Ranges_Europe|]]
Accessible via [[ChaosVPN::IPRanges#IP_Ranges_Europe|]] aka tor-proxy.hamburg.ccc.de:9050
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Useful for internationalization and debugging between countries.

Also useful for seeing that which has been denied you by unthinking firewalls.

Polipo HTTP Proxy

Accessible via aka tor-proxy.hamburg.ccc.de:8123

Tor Socks5 Proxy

Accessible via aka tor-proxy.hamburg.ccc.de:9050

# Try for at most NUM seconds when building circuits. If the circuit isn’t open 
# in that time, give up on it. If LearnCircuitBuildTimeout is 1, this value serves 
# as the initial value to use before a timeout is learned. If LearnCircuitBuildTimeout 
# is 0, this value is the only value used. (Default: 60 seconds.)
CircuitBuildTimeout 15

# To keep firewalls from expiring connections, send a padding keepalive cell
# every NUM seconds on open connections that are in use. If the connection 
# has no open circuits, it will instead be closed after NUM seconds of idleness. 
# (Default: 5 minutes)
KeepalivePeriod 15

# Every NUM seconds consider whether to build a new circuit. (Default: 30 seconds)
NewCircuitPeriod 15

# Let a socks connection wait NUM seconds handshaking, and NUM seconds 
# unattached waiting for an appropriate circuit, before we fail it. (Default: 2 minutes.)
SocksTimeout 180

# If UseEntryGuards is set to 1, we will try to pick a total of NUM routers as long-term 
# entries for our circuits. (Defaults to 3.)
NumEntryGuards 32

Radio Free Openfly

Squid proxy : Hosted on reputable VPS Please use RESPONSIBLY. This is not a Tor node. I will shut down this squid proxy if I approach monthly traffic quotas.