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Useful for internationalization and debugging between countries.

Also useful for seeing that which has been denied you by unthinking firewalls.

Polipo HTTP Proxy

Accessible via aka

Tor Socks5 Proxy

Accessible via aka

# If enabled, we convert "" addresses on the 
# SocksPort/TransPort/NATDPort into "" addresses that exit 
# from the node "foo". Disabled by default since attacking websites and exit relays
# can use it to manipulate your path selection. (Default: 0)
AllowDotExit 1

# Try for at most NUM seconds when building circuits. If the circuit isn’t open 
# in that time, give up on it. If LearnCircuitBuildTimeout is 1, this value serves 
# as the initial value to use before a timeout is learned. If LearnCircuitBuildTimeout 
# is 0, this value is the only value used. (Default: 60 seconds.)
CircuitBuildTimeout 15

# To keep firewalls from expiring connections, send a padding keepalive cell
# every NUM seconds on open connections that are in use. If the connection 
# has no open circuits, it will instead be closed after NUM seconds of idleness. 
# (Default: 5 minutes)
KeepalivePeriod 15

# Every NUM seconds consider whether to build a new circuit. (Default: 30 seconds)
NewCircuitPeriod 15

# Let a socks connection wait NUM seconds handshaking, and NUM seconds 
# unattached waiting for an appropriate circuit, before we fail it. (Default: 2 minutes.)
SocksTimeout 180

# If UseEntryGuards is set to 1, we will try to pick a total of NUM routers as long-term 
# entries for our circuits. (Defaults to 3.)
NumEntryGuards 32

Radio Free Openfly

Squid proxy : Hosted on reputable VPS Please use RESPONSIBLY. This is not a Tor node. I will shut down this squid proxy if I approach monthly traffic quotas.