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ChaosVPN is 2 parts of Software - tinc as vpn daemon and chaosvpn as software to build the config for ChaosVPN


An unfinshed Howto for Debian systems is available at Debian - users of other systems need to adapt it likewise, more documentation will hopefully follow in the future.


we use tinc. There will be a tinc 2.0 version soon. The developer has his ideas about tinc 2.0 at and first code is at

OpenWRT Packages

Blogic will build a special OpenWRT package, which is called chaosvpn at the moment, a recent tinc 1.0.13 is already available in the openwrt packages repository.

See also Packages may be in flux for awhile, if you have trouble with any of the binaries, email cjp.

Debian Packages

There is a long description how to install on a Debian System: DebianHowto

Haegar created (backported) tinc 1.0.13 packages for Debian. They are availible at:

Please note that the above packages may need further backported packages, all of them are available in other subdirectories on

Pre-Created ChaosVPN program packages, updated every now and then:


Full Setup Instructions: Fonera

Fonera 2.0n 2.3.5 firmware with chaosvpn 2.0 and tinc 1.0.13, tested. No clobber of configs using upgrade script.

Grab here:

For the fonera 2.0n

Included are Packages for ChaosVPN, and TINC There are source code packages as well.

Packages go in /openwrt/packages/ Source goes in /openwrt/dl/

.config is a sample config for fonera2n. It is not minimalist in any way. Vyrus has a minimal config I will hunt down.

The chaosvpn version is not reflected in the name of the package... that is just there because I was too lazy to update the chaosvpn package for the current version.


helios maintains an AUR-package:


See GentooHowto


brew install


The source code repository is available at:

You can download the source with git

git clone git://