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Lets do a geekend and get things done on the chaosvpn.


hamburg. The new Hackerspace of attraktor and ccc hamburg.


The idea is 9. - 11. of April. The weekend before is easterhegg in munich and breakpoint at bingen. it seems that most ppl have time on that weekend.


Need to finalize and get the OpenWRT packages supported for the Fonera2.0n a.Need to have all the basic routing and security features in the OpenWRT package, but tailored for our networks. b.Need to have a TINC and ChaosVPN code implementation so that we can have multiple concurrent VPN's that don't interefere b2. The independent VPN's need to be tied to a individual port. c. Need to have a signing system so we don't have haegar supporting 1000 users in 24 times zones all the time. Need to build a way so we can have a trusted region manager to add on nodes.


Deploy Root DNS servers and sub DNS servers for the Agora/Chaos network a. In the DNS implementation we need to have a the core hidden server and the trusted DNS servers able to be updated at each of the trusted root hackspaces.


hackint irc server

connect people

connect the router at some spaces


build debian and openwrt packages

  • debian
    • build Packages
    • get in squeeze?
  • OpenWRT
    • package
    • image with tinc and config for fonera 2.0n

os builds

  • BSD?
  • mac os x


Need to have the Agora/Chaos/Warzone networks running smoothly with the basic features. Root DNS - and distributed systems. Have a infrastructure that has more than one trusted manager able to add or remove nodes in different regions. The warzone server has to go live at the end of the weekend after solving the issues with NAT on the openwrt Fonera 2.0n unit, and multiple port support with multiple TINC VPN's.




questions? answers!