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== dns ==
== dns ==
Improve dns usage in ChaosVPN. <br>
Improve dns usage in ChaosVPN. <br>
- witch dnsd (pro and con. discusion)
- whitch dnsd (pro and con. discusion)
== connect people ==  
== connect people ==  

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Lets do a geekend and get things done on the chaosvpn.


Hamburg. In the new Hackerspace of attraktor and CCC Hamburg.


The Geekend will be on January 28th - 30th.


  • arrived:
 + mc.fly 
 + guus
 + crest
  • still missing
 + Jens
 + hc
 + nomaam
 + wopot
 + zocker



User:mc.fly wants to build a munin / nagios server for chaosvpn.

  • the server itself is up and running.
    • munin running, but no chaosvpn node configured so far
    • nagios installed but not configured.
      • Haegar recommends icinga


Improve dns usage in ChaosVPN.
- whitch dnsd (pro and con. discusion)

connect people

connect the router at some spaces


build debian and openwrt packages

  • debian
    • build Packages
    • get in squeeze?
  • OpenWRT
    • package
    • image with tinc and config for fonera 2.0n


  • Set up warzone properly
  • Get dns in the default images and improve dns use by adding nodes to the zonefile
  • rework the Doku




suggested topics

  • a) maintaining the chaosvpn.net content
  • b) making chaosvpn more secure - hc's nonroot changes alone are not enough
  • c) (re)define a joining policy/policies
  • d) getting rid of the spof vpn.hamburg.ccc.de by allowing multiple urls to be specified in chaosvpn.conf and by replicating the info on vpn.hamburg... to other nodes
  • e) getting a very reliable dns that works with chaosvpn up and with chaosvpn temporarily down

questions? answers!

join the irc #chaosvpn @ spaceboyz.net