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"go public" on the hackerspaces mailinglist

thats a short term goal and the first decision need to be: before or after the geekend.

  • before geekend
    • pro: more people on the geekend?
  • after geekend
    • pro: can show results of geekend

web page

  • check wiki pages and HowTos
  • example configs with common network configs
    • example: simple setup, everything firewalled
    • more complicated setup based on the ip choosen
    • evern more complicated setup with vlans and multiple ssid for wlan (reacheable / not reacheable)
    • setup with complicated vlans.

the email

  • the email need to rock hard. Because that email most likely gets forwarded to the local hackerspace mailinglist. Who wants to find content for it? a pad?


  • check join and dns process
    • more known and trusted people with git commit rights?


  • does everyone have to be on the mailinglist?
  • removing dead emails

video conference system over Asterisk

first setup and testrun on the next geekend
Link to the Project