Night of work

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night of work

The night of work is a concept invented by carton of Hacker Halfway House, Brooklyn, NY. It has been very successful there.

Main Idea

The Night of work is - the name says it all - a night of work.

That means its the night and its work. Just work. No random talking.

If you want to talk about a topic get it on the topic list of the wiki of that night.

good topics

A good topic is a topic that actually can get some real big progress over the night. For example i can see there:

  • build on LED Light xyz
  • improve the channelbot
  • write on the BBS software
  • work on the village for HAR

bad topics

Bad topics are - in my eye - things that hardly get a noteable progress over the night - if at all.

Examples are:

  • god and the universe
  • live, universe and all the rest
  • improving linux kernel
  • improving KDE


I recommend Friday. Its weekend but taking that day wont ruin the whole weekend.