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Talkdurchführung Tag 1 - 2021-12-27

Block 11:30 - 14:30

12:20 (00:10) studio Chaosstudio Hamburg: Moin Moin! (Chaosstudio Hamburg)

  • ☐ Join the chaossudio-hamburg/z_regie room on mumble.c3lingo.org
  • ☐ Check that mumble clients cshh1 and cshh2 are listening in the correct mumble rooms
  • ☐ Make sure the the MultiView is displayed on the USB HDMI grabber screen
  • ☐ Make sure the the standard transition in OBS is Fade
  • ☐ Start the Jitsi room with this link (include additional configuration parameters)
  • ☐ Make sure someone is in the green room
  • ☐ Make sure the herald arrives in time
  • ☐ Make sure there are signal angels and the herald knows how to find the question pad
  • ☐ Check which languages are translated and tell the herald
  • ☐ Send everyone to https://jitsi.hamburg.ccc.de/rc3-talk-xxx-xxxxx
  • ☐ Wait for the previous talk to finish
  • ☐ Join room rc3-talk-xxx-xxxxx in the stream-ui control room
  • ☐ Check that everyone is in the jitsi room and audio is set up correctly
  • ☐ Make sure herald, signal angels and stream watchers are in the z_regie mumble
  • ☐ Tell people to focus Jitsi on one of the Stream Display (SD) clients to save CPU and bandwidth
  • ☐ Disable your own camera to save bandwidth
  • ☐ Select the correct logo for Chaosstudio Hamburg in the OBS INT:Overlays Scene
  • ☐ Make the herald visible and audible in the appropiate stream-ui player
  • ☐ Make the speakers audible in stream-ui
  • ☐ Make the slides visible (with enable fullscreen and click for UPPERCASE) in the slides stream-ui player
  • ☐ Select the Speakers scene into the OBS preview
  • ☐ 38 second before the scheduled time: Start the appropriate stinger and announce “30 Sekunden, Ruhe jetzt”
  • ☐ Count Down: 20, 15, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Los
  • ☐ Once the herald starts to introduce the speakers, make the speakers visible in Stream-Ui
  • ☐ When the herald is done: Make the herald invisible and inaudible in stream-ui
  • ☐ Switch to an appropriate speaker and slides view in OBS when appropriate
  • ☐ Show Q&A links at appropriate times
  • ☐ Shortly before the end of the main talk: remind herald to switch audio and camera back on (in mumble)
  • ☐ make herald audible in stream-ui
  • ☐ At the end of the main talk: make herald visible in stream-ui
  • ☐ At the end of the main talk: switch to Speaker scene in OBS
  • ☐ Show links to the extended Q&A BBB
  • ☐ Shortly before the end of the Q&A: Put the Infobeamer scene into the OBS preview
  • ☐ Make sure the Infobeamer scene is selected in the OBS preview
  • ☐ Play the Outro stinger
  • ☐ Disconnect players from the room in the