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ChaosVPN 1.0


At the moment the Hamburg ccc Erfa uses TINC together with some dirty perl-scripts, which are used to sread the routes and peers.

For this Setup we have howtos for Debian and Gentoo (in german).

Beginninig in 2003

(haegar:) For me the whole setup with Openvpn was to complicated. It would take some time till its done and the scaling problems were forseable.

Therefore i took time today to get a working mini-solution with tinc running real quick.

The bigger issues with ip-submission and database are able to be added later without any big effort.

Most importand design goals were:

  • data traffic between participants must not rely on the ccc infrastructure.
  • failure of any parts of the infrastructure must not shut down the network completely
  • no work needed for participants just because a new participant is joining or a old one quitting.

system requirements

  • linux only first
    • tinc is availible for nearly all unix variants and windows, but my perl script is only working on linux so far.
  • perl with LWP and https support
  • working dyndns hostname that conains the actual router-ip or static ip

Update Today (2006) i would implement things different than i did before, but when this happens is completely up in the stars. Until there is a better setup we will use the old setup.


Daneben ist seit relativ kurzer Zeit noch ein OpenVPN Setup mit zentralem Server in Betrieb, das wird bei sehr viel Langeweile dann vielleicht auch irgendwann mal dokumentiert.

ChaosVPN 2.0

The Rebuild of the ChaosVPN became nessesary at some point, as the vermittlung is blackholed.

We are working on a redesign.

Updated (Backported) tinc 1.0.10 packages for are available at: