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| haegar
| haegar
| secondary public ip
| secondary public ip
| hackr
| 57North Hacklab
| Dedicated Server

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ChaosVPN IP Ranges

We need to have non colliding IP ranges and therefore we need some coordination of the used ip ranges.

First of all we would like to be compilant to the used IP ranges of freifunk and dn42.

The IP ranges overall are defined in the freifunk wiki ip-net page as root source.

Accordingly to the Freifunk IP-Range list, we can use these IP ranges:

IP-range Status Description allocated Allocated for ChaosVPN. Ready for distribution, currently not used empty Allocated for ChaosVPN. Ready for distribution, currently not used allocated In use by American and other hackerspaces allocated Warzone, currently not used allocated In use by European hackerspaces

So we use for the europeans and and for the americans. That should leave enough space for everyone until IPv6 is not the future but the present. (Real IPv6 ranges already in use can also be announced on the VPN, but there are no thoughts about private/internal adressing yet.)

However we will not support ip ranges as they are used for various other reasons. This RFC1918 IP range will stay as private to use for internal use (and in fact its used in the dn42 for routing uses.)

Question: reverse DNS?
"yes" ;) - but we don't know how to implement them for the VPN yet, delegating it with forward zones in local nameservers does not sound very good to me. --Haegar 00:40, 29 October 2009 (UTC)

Procedure: Add your subnet below and drop us a message with the details specified at ChaosVPN:DebianHowto#Get_your_new_node_added_to_the_central_configuration so we can add you to the official listing.

IP Ranges Europe

Single-IP Range

IP-subnets Unique Node Name Short Description Remarks VPN IP for test pings *reserved* single hosts This range may be used for Single-IP-VPN nodes like servers which would participate directly but do not need a subnet. aurora haegar laptop igor haegar server pegasus Pegasus galaxy jervis jervis laptop cvpn_dns cvpn_dns dns cow User:notion Laptop y4xqu4 y4xqu4_laptop >>not allways on no_maam erik myfollower mwa2048 mwa2048 Laptop. Not allways on ruza ruza ruza for testing purposes hansenerd User:hansenerd hansenerds laptop jz User:jz jz home colidovoip User:jastrup VoIP / Proxy brmlab User:Ruza brmlab, prague hackerspace node lass_mob User:lassulus lassulus's notebook jz_mob User:jz jz Macboot ffhh_srv01 Freifunk Hamburg Server 01 fer fer freedom freedom for free !!! flax User:Blfr personal laptop, online occasionally brandy User:Blfr selective User:Blfr router without a subnet behind it kassandra User:dodger dodger Laptop chaostal chaostal.de physical server in openit datacenter noodlemonkeh noodlemonkeh noodle chromebook enyo enyo.zakx.de hackint ircd zocker_srv User:zocker zocker (server) erniejunior salz0 User:Salz Salz mobile lazylurker hjjg Workstation. OctD_Cassi TOG User:Schrodinger TOG Hackerspace Ireland pan laptop thrk User:thorkill c3h/hannover anonymizer_hh_ru User:JensM ccchh vpnhub2.hamburg.ccc.de ghost_fred User:redapple vServer ghost_grumpy User:redapple laptop jokar User:jokar My PC ghost_chuck User:redapple vServer base42_kaneda kaneda Base42 network testing mehUK mehUK stonedhacker.org - meh voodooUK voodooUK stonedhacker.org - voodoo hivec hivec not sure yet -test screeny User:Screeny notebook raccoon User:Raccoon raccoon puter puter mobile or home puter ansimobile Ansi laptop ansihome Ansi nas ansiserver Ansi 23-5 Server c4p0 c4p0 laptop hexagon afix hexagon ingorgare yids yids`s laptop dyst0ni3 dyst0ni3 Laptop futterbox User:baccenfutter futterbox lemming_home Lemming ~/ von Lemming magicmerlin magicmerlin laptop jan_x61 User:vollkorn Laptop canan User:kahuna Laptop cheater-by lintop Linux-Laptop relax User:Harzilein road warrior martin ghost_edna User:redapple vserver ghost_bernard User:redapple vserver lazerbeam User:Onthefly roadworrior bubbles User:Squ sugar, spice and anything nice (don't forget chemical x!) shetland User:Squ Location: Austria irn-bru User:Squ Location: Germany islay User:Squ Location: UK attentat User:Squ Location: Germany orkney User:Squ Location: Germany freifunk_augsburg1 User:soma Peering IP for Freifunk Augsburg, announces freifunk_augsburg2 User:soma for testing/development purposes mimir User:Andre testing otherwise otherwise HomePC Hund Fred ff-kbu Chaostreff Dortmund ctdo eleon mobile larsb home rehwanne revpn p1tt1 laptop david laptop/mobile powafax400 d0wnbiz server itpunks User:jz JO User:jz colidoproxy User:jastrup colidoproxyuk User:jastrup moviefun User:wanie Roadwarrior - test webstor User:webstor sandler User:sandler dirk adventureloop ridiculously portable laptop merlin User:Luelistan's notebook katinka User:mibosys sl3001-hq sl3001 sl3001 headquarters das_h1 User:das_h1 Location: Germany minor krikkit planet: earth ?¿ crunchbang shdwfear #! - gnomus_thinkpad gnomus Thinkpad - ilmbeat ilmbeat router - bitcoinwebwallet bitcoinwebwallet Bitcoin Web Wallet - blackbox User:tuxcoder laptop - thinserv2 User:Binar router orbiter irl roaming laptop dashtop Hibby laptop bigbossCompany User:bigboss Greece/UK/Georgia Mafia
a.b.c.d/32 your node name your url / description your remarks vpn ip for ping tests

| |

Small Subnet (8-16 Adresses) Range

IP-subnets Unique Node Name Short Description Remarks VPN IP for test pings *reserved* subnets This range may be used for small users which do not want/need a whole /24 - allocate only /29 and /28 from here. vpnhub1 vpnhub1.hamburg.ccc.de vpn gateway to dn42 crest dn42 crestdn42.ath.cx dn42 dns and other services deepthought deepthought.ramdrive.org also announces the public ips over vpn desc_* multi-node IP net for addressing desc_* nodes jcd http://web.jabber.ccc.de/ also announces jcd's public ips over vpn romero dn42 bfg.metawire.eu dn42<->ChaosVPN nulll https://dev.0l.de /dev/nulll network - dns, web, file, dvb-s2 and more services waehring User:Haegar rairai_ffhh Humanist Lab
your subnet your unique name your url / description your remarks vpn ip for ping tests

Standard Subnets

IP-subnets Unique Node Name Short Description Remarks VPN IP for test pings *see above* Small / Single IP range *see above* Small Subnet range Used for small subnets (8-16 IP addresses) 57north 57North Hacklab Aberdeen, Scotland. gkb0ok gatekeeper's HELL network currently contains only a single node. ip range has been reserved for future development and expansion. reserved ex ccchh at mex21 - CCC Hamburg turing CCC Hamburg haegar_tokamak haegar home ccchh CCC Hamburg Chaos Computer Club Hansestadt Hamburg New Range haegar_vlad haegar hosted servers / vm *reserved* *reserved* *reserved* LondonHackspace http://london.hackspace.org.uk *planned* Leeds Hackspace http://leeds.hackspace.org.uk PhoenixHaven http://phoenixhaven.net PhoenixHaven home desc distribution Multiple subnets routed over nodes *requested* freitagsrunde http://freitagsrunde.org *planned* Nottingham Hackspace http://nottinghack.org.uk Hacking Allowed Dot Org User:mkzx Hacking Allowed Joint project2501 User:Honigdachs madtetsuo User:Kleinerelefant HackBBS hackbbs.org http://vpn.hackbbs.org zickimon User:Honigdachs *planned* hskrk Hackerspace Kraków hackerspace-krk.pl *reserved* *reserved* *reserved* syn2cat HackerSpace https://www.hackerspace.lu hswaw Warsaw Hackerspace hackerspace.pl ccch (noc[at]hannover.ccc.de) CCC Hannover Chaos Computer Club Hannover hansenerdnet hansenerd home/test net ccc_office CCC e.V. Office Office Network Sync User: Sync noklab CCC Göttingen Chaos Computer Club Göttingen syd User:redapple OpenVPN Server for mobile nodes *in development* labitat Labitat Copenhagen hackerspace Labitat + colo. N/A c3pb Chaostreff Paderborn (C3PB e.V.) established, maintained by gbe (farhaven in #chaosvpn on hackint) c-base c-base Berlin (c-base e.V.) in preparation CDA Server Location CDA noc@chaos-darmstadt.de Chaos Darmstadt trollhoehle CDA noc@chaos-darmstadt.de Chaos Darmstadt (Trollhöhle) cda_public User:HC, User:bios, CDA noc@chaos-darmstadt.de Chaos Darmstadt trollhoehle, 2./labnet CDA noc@chaos-darmstadt.de Chaos Darmstadt (Trollhöhle) datensumpf http://www.datensumpf.de datensumpf mc.flys subnet at home ryd User:Jensm jens's home/test range nfoonfnet User:Nfoonf nfoonf's home/test range zocker_rtr User:zocker zocker's home range magrathea User:mc.fly magrathea range o_g User:TuxCoder/https://o-g.at server yggdrasil User:TuxCoder wg atari User:Atari atari / wasteland dodger User:Dodger Dodger home range *planned* waldmeister User:waldmeister c3d2/federated routing *planned* waldmeister User:waldmeister c3d2/federated routing void User:Netzfoehn http://we.voidwarranties.be foobar foobar (Hackerspace/CCC Essen) contact: Timm guus http://tinc-vpn.org/ tinc development guus_se http://tinc-vpn.org/ tinc development nexus User:Nexus chaosvpn.linutux.net User:Linutux redlab User:redapple Hackerhome https://www.chaoshackers.org hamalish net User:luja Home/Test Range Leandra Net User:Leandra Leandra's Home/Test Range hickerspace hickerspace Chaostreff Hildesheim charon Wuerzburg Hackerspace http://www.labor23.org spline http://www.spline.de/ t42home http://T42.de StefanMZ-Netz User:StefanMZ Hackspace Siegen User:inj4n Chaostreff Siegen stratum0 User:DooMMasteR schlupfloch User:gh0st ccczh CCCZH Chaos Computer Club Zürich, 2001:1620:92e:1::1 initLab initLab Hackerspace in Sofia, Bulgaria weissbier User:weissbier weissbier server *planned* cccac CCCAC Chaos Computer Club Aachen TechInc TechInc Hackerspace in Amsterdam, Technologia Incognita colidovinne User:jastrup colido User:Jastrup colidovoip User:Jastrup colidotrones User:Jastrup
your subnet your unique name your url / description your remarks vpn ip for ping tests *Reserved* Anycast Anycast services

Anycast Services

Special IP Addresses announced by multiple nodes.

IP-subnets Unique Node Name Short Description Remarks VPN IP for test pings DNS-Anycast Supplied from nodes: cvpn_dns, guus
your subnet your unique name your url / description your remarks vpn ip for ping tests

Special Subnets

IP-subnets Unique Node Name Short Description Remarks VPN IP for test pings freifunk_augsburg1 Freifunk Augsburg nffaugsburg Neues Freifunk Augsburg Freifunk Augsburg ffhh_srv01 Freifunk Hamburg ruhrgebiet Freifunk Ruhrgebiet Freifunk Ruhrgebiet nordstern foobar burgtor Freifunk Mesh Lübeck kapsel CCC Munich CCC Munich has its own "real" ip range. They will be routed over chaosvpn as jabber.ccc.de aaa_vpnhub1 dn42 equinox hackint irc server helios, jplitza dn42 tld primary dns server mw helios, jplitza milliways flatmate/hackerspace freifunk_kbu1 KBU Freifunk haegar_vlad haegar secondary public ip hackr 57North Hacklab Dedicated Server haegar_vlad haegar personal PI vpn range part 1/2 haegar personal PI vpn range part 2/2 turing ccchh server public range magrathea mc.fly public range o_g User:TuxCoder/https://o-g.at server public ip

Legacy ranges still in use, to be removed

IP-subnets Unique Node Name Short Description Remarks VPN IP for test pings packbarthome

IP Ranges North and South America, Africa, Asia

Standard Subnets

IP-subnets Unique Node Name Short Description Remarks VPN IP for test pings us hackerspaces range us hackerspaces range us hackerspaces range us hackerspaces range psone http://pumpingstationone.org/ ccckc http://c3kc.org/ noisebridge https://www.noisebridge.net f001ab http://foulab.org works HacDC https://www.hacdc.org Not currently online ReverseSpace http://www.reversespace.com Not currently online biome http://www.biome.cf Taipei, Taiwan atxhspace ATX Hackerspace 1601 Rutherford Lane A200, Austin, TX 78754. Contact ethosrot. (Router) colab CoLaboratory Seattle-based, future home of shared rainbow table service. Contact awgh. works collective 2600net IRC Server and Network gateway for 2600net. Contact r0d3nt works FireFly ENTS - BrainBox Network Gateway IRC Server and Network gateway. Contact BrainBox (i need a peer) (i need a peer) nullspace Null Space Labs 3rd Floor, 1015 S Main St Los Angeles, CA 90015. Contact Vyrus. works hacking.allowed [1] used to be armitage on interlock Interlock Rochester Interlock Rochester - Upstate New York hackerspace 1115 E. Main St. Rochester, NY 14609 440bx 440bx.net 440bx.net - Edmonton, Canada x0rSpace Crypto just ain't enough! Canada kunoichi kuno.ca home Ottawa, Canada hsc Hackerspace Charlotte 430 E 36th St, Charlotte NC. Contact Red. smittynet Router VM Ubuntu dms Dallas Makerspace 2995 Ladybird Lane Dallas, TX 75229. Contact Nikropht ( under construction ) nycrdev ResistorNET Information NYC Resistor Hackerspace in Brooklyn NY (fonera router) , ( buglabs bug ) openfly openfly openfly dev fon (fonera router) tipjar node for the tipjar company, since August, 1996 including private access to server and roaming for tipjar associates tipjar.com JSON interface will be up at t0mbst0n3 private network DoYouKnow Interested wannabe hacker's network House in Bensenville, IL (near O'Hare International Airport in Chicago, IL) cubenet Portable Texas Hacker Network Austin, TX. Contact ethosrot. kidder kidder personal network DFW, TX. (not up yet) eicospikes Space PA USA nesit http://www.nesit.net Meriden CT (203) hive13 http://www.hive13.org Network for Hive13 Hackerspace in Cincinnati, OH (Go yell at Hodapp to do this) chuljin chuljin Glendale, CA worldspawn Worldspawn's personal network. Austin, TX hunterkll hunterkll's personal network. Baltimore, MD j j's personal network. Vienna, VA fallenour fallenour's home network Frederick, MD HacDC http://www.hacdc.org Washington D.C.
your subnet your unique name your url / description your remarks vpn ip for ping tests road warriors
and single IP hosts like servers
this netblock is for road warriors and other hosts using only single IP or small subnets its -

road warriors and single IP hosts like servers

IP-subnets Unique Node Name Short Description Remarks VPN IP for test pings road warriors
and single IP hosts like servers
this netblock is for road warriors and other hosts using only single IP or small subnets its - agora openfly adhisimon_s3 adhisimon's laptop Jakarta, Indonesia atxhs ATX Hackerspace Datacenter-based chaosvpn node. Contact ethosrot. rhea Production laptop - Not always online. Contact ethosrot. Roadwarrior Ethosrot (stable) zoomequipd0 laptop personal use - United States hakxi User laptop - not always connected - mainly in Europe and China roadwarrior tarvos private work computer ethosrot ubuvm Pibs Work VM pib shadowcaster Personal Machine ShadowLurker crunch crunch.telephreak.org public telephreak.org pbx / asterisk pbx server Fort Lauderdale, FL - ipv4 pinky pinky.ratman.org VM public shell / bitlbee / znc server Detroit, MI - ipv4/ipv6 brain brain.ratman.org private shell server / minecraft server Detroit, MI - ipv4/ipv6 cornelius cornelius.2600.net leaf for 2600net Amsterdam, NL ipv4/ipv6 vex vps netbsd 6 fun savagejen travel laptop usually one of a variety of various linux distros 440app 440bx.net app server netbsd 5.2 ents ents.ca NAT netbsd 5.2 qualee Pibs personal laptop Roadwarrior yojimbo tokachu's server Rack-mounted server. root3r Laptop of root3r xD The warrior... If you know what I mean. AlBatros_DIII time wasting machine; to the cosmos. Work is a necessary evil to be avoided :p jfalcon Super S3kr3t ChaosVPN Access Yes I am talking about the road(warrior) borederic irc server User:Hunterkll Jackyl VM Kali on a VM. Definitely not always online. NOLA, US anest private computer for testing sirius sirius(proposed leaf for Hackint running charybdis ircd and atheme services) Amsterdam, NL ipv4/ipv6 shire private computer Not Applicable Artemis Laptop Baltimore, MD Anthaeus laptop eicospike Lab shibumi personal laptop arcsin_0 for fun x0rSpace You may have invented the Computer, but we invented the Beavertail! Canada p0rks for testing A-KO A-KO's IP to get on the network Foo 0xd34db33f laptop Neurotikz Laptop US wasdline main server USA camelia communication central Japan pronto http://ifconfig.hack murcia absolem lulz USA fwilson fwilaptop USA hex OpenWRT Router Canada
your subnet your unique name your url / description your remarks vpn ip for ping tests

Special subnets

IP-subnets Unique Node Name Short Description Remarks VPN IP for test pings SilverElitez billy.silverelitez.org Tampa Bay Supernet

IP Ranges Warzone (not in active use yet)

IP-subnets Unique Node Name Short Description Remarks VPN IP for test pings warzone warzone vpn range
your subnet your unique name your url / description your remarks vpn ip for ping tests


ChaosVPN/AgoraLink IP Participants

ccchh - Hamburg

T42 - Hamburg

nycresistor - New York

noisebridge - San Francisco

PS:one - Chicago

Hive76 - Philadelphia

Interlock - Rochester

Laboratoires Foulab - Montreal

ccc hannover

  • (in chaosvpn 1.0)
  • connector: User:Lotho ( lotho [at] hannover.ccc.de )
  • url: http://hannover.ccc.de
  • subnet: - renumbering needed due to collision with Freifunk Brandenburg.



HacDC - Washington, DC, USA

Brmlab - Prague, Czech republic

c3pb - Paderborn, NRW, Germany

  • connector: hej@c3pb.de / infrastruktur@c3pb.de
  • maintainer: gbe@unobtanium.de
  • url: https://c3pb.de/

2600net - US, EU

Telephreak - US

ccc berlin

  • (in chaosvpn 1.0)

ccc cologne

  • (in chaosvpn 1.0)