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aprl, Vieta


A simple manual to setup Coreboot on Chromebooks. Requirements:

  • USB Stick (Atleast 8GB if you want to make a backup iso)
  • Strewdrivers.

This wiki shows to installing core Coreboot script.


0. removing readonly protection

  • 1. Removing screws from the Chrombook
  • 2. Screw 2 falt scraws in the near of the disk out.
  • Also remove the battery. You can put the battery back in after Coreboot is flashed.

1. Enable Developer mode

  • 1. By power on the Chromebooks hold esc + reset pressed.
  • 2. On the Screen press str + d to boot in the developer mode.

2. Run the script

  • 0. open the terminal with ctrl + alt + t
  • 1. Download the Coreboot script in the home file.
 cd;curl -LO 
  • The Reason is that other pasths are immutable.In the next steps we will use “sudo”, because of the immutability of Root.
  • 2. To check if it is the corect script, you can check it via
  • 3. To flash the Coreboot image
 sudo install -Dt  /usr/local/bin -m 755 && sudo 
  • 4. Choose the option Install/Update UEFI (FUll ROM) Firmware
  • 5. Plug the USB device to the Chromebook, so a backup can be made if something goes wrong.
  • 6. Restart when its completed
  • 7. Yay! Coreboot is now installed and you can install any OS you want there.

Geräte die von uns Getested wurden

  • Acer Chromebook 14 CB3-431 (Edgar): Works
  • Chromebook Spin CP713-2w : Works
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